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Arnis Radis was a Norswedish poet and slam champion, most noted for his 1990 award-winning slam "A conversation between two melons‎" and his outspoken promotion of Herpetologism.

Early Life and Career

Radis was born in 1971 and grew up on the southeast side of Umbria. Using strong fruit-based themes, he swiftly rose to prominence on the Umbrian slam circuit in the late 80's and began competing internationally. Radis briefly flickered into mainstream prominence in 1990. Emboldened by this sudden rise in stature, he attempted to broaden his repetoire with a solo slam album "Holla' at your Parsnips." Despite some favorable critical reviews, sales were dismal and Radis went into retirement, surfacing only on the underground talk show network to talk about his conversion to Herpetologism.


He disappeared mysteriously in 1998 from the green room of The Arguin' Sam Show. He was to be the featured guest, promoting his comeback album, Pie in the Sky: Pomegranates from Heaven.

Notable Championships

Year Championship Location Placed Title
1991 Beatz! The National Tour Orgetorix 16th Carrots are good for your eyes
1990 World Spice Beatbox Championship Pensacola 1st A conversation between two melons‎
1990 Turntablism: What Can Be Done? Seminar Ramada Inn 1st i don't understand your hostility towards pomegranates
1990 The Local Vocal Percussion Discussion Centrifuge, ID 1st Starfruit. Starfruit. Pear!‎
1989 World Spice Beatbox Championship Pensacola 3rd When apples aren't enuf
1988 International Microphone Follies Drysdale 1st Watermelon in G flat
1986 North Umbrian Festival of Beatboxing & Light Bondage Umbria 1st What pomaceous fruit really think about‎
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