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Mad political science, or MPS, is a controversial brand of political science that seeks to elide the distinctions of geography and culture. The discipline seems to attract an unusually large number of linguists, presumably because it affords them an excuse to employ the word "elide" with great frequency.


Basic Philosophy

The philosophy of Mad Political Science is difficult to define. Mad Political Scientists are frequently removed from press rooms and legislatures because they can't resist shouting "IT'S ALIVE!!!"

Practical Application

The most significant real-world application of MPS is the combination of separate sovereign political states. The separate nation-states are then regarded as one unit. However, given the high concentration of Linguists in the group, the actual creation of these new multi-state entities is often derailed by weeklong arguments regarding the proper verb tense (singular or plural) for use when discussing them. The arguments are eventually resolved after the combination of separate alcoholic spirits and some spirited shouting of "IT'S ALIVE!!!"

Noted Proponents


Noted Successes

  • Croagland the merger of England and Croatia, the first successful creation.
  • Norsweden the merger of Norway and Sweden.
  • San Greekey, the combination of Greece, Turkey, and San Marino.

Noted Failures

ArKansas the attepted merger of American states of Arkansas and Kansas. No one noticed, so the project was abandoned.

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