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A Trans-Fictional Vessel is a "ship" that can travel into fictional realities. The first three such vessels to travel into fictional realms never returned. The first successful round trip was made in 2301 when the the famous T.F.V. Glass Onion and crew returned (physically) intact after a 3 month journey into Lewis Carroll's Wonderland. Several of the crew were "not all there" after the journey, however, and never recovered.

Missing Vessels

Reclaimed Vessels

  • T.F.V. Limestone Scout, sent in 2291 to Stephen King's The Langoliers. Ship lost for 12 years before suddenly reappearing in Cambridge, all crew with amnesia.
  • T.F.V. Salmonica, sent in 2304 to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. Although the ship returned, no crew was found to be onboard. Rescuers found only a large number of towels and a single bowl of petunias on the ship.
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